1. Login to your Fidelity account.
  2. Go to "Activity & Orders".
  3. Select the default drop down of "Past 30 days", then select "Custom" under that.
  4. You can specify up to 366 days as the date range for "From Date" to "To Date". It will show all the transaction for the specified time period.
  5. Please note, that you need to upload statements from the day of your first transaction. If you invested for more than 1 year, download all reports (one for each year) and upload them from older to newer.
  6. Then select the download symbol in the upper right side of screen, it will show "Download as CSV".
  7. It will then allow you to specify the name to save to.

How to import new transactions

Later, when you'll start making new trades or receive dividends you can just get new statements from the date of your last import and upload them by clicking a plus sign on a top panel -> Import a spreadsheet.