The file contains the following columns:

  • Parent is a parent category
    • If it is placed at the root (at the uppermost level), then you need to leave it Empty
    • If it is placed within a category, for example, within the category of Information Technology, then it is Information Technology
    • If it lies inside a nested category, for example, Information Technology, which in turn is in the category of Stocks, then it is Stocks//Information technology
  • PieAsset means the name of the category or the asset
    • If it is a category, there should be just a text name, for example, Information Technology
    • If it is an asset, then the name of the asset should be presented in the following format:, for example, AAPL.USD.NASDAQ. If the asset ticker contains a dot sign ".", it should be replaced with a hyphen "-". For example, instead of BRK.B, there should be BRK-B
    • If it is a cash balance, then the name of the currency should be in the following format: currency.currency.CURRENCY, for example, USD.USD.CURRENCY
  • IsAsset – it is important to understand whether this row is a category or an asset.
    • If it’s a category, it is false
    • If it‘s an asset, it is true
  • IsUnallocated - it is important to understand whether the asset is unallocated
    • If it is not, then it‘s false
    • If it is, then it’s true
  • IsLocked – we find out if the asset's target share is fixed
    • If it is not, then it‘s false
    • If it is, then it’s true
  • Allocation represents a target share of an asset or category

All assets that were not specified in this file will be moved to unallocated section.