You have successfully signed up for the Snowball Analytics service and are now ready to take control of your financial future. Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey to financial independence. Welcome to our service 🥳

This guide will walk you through your account setup, you will learn how to:

  1. Add and track your investments
  2. Get valuable insights into your performance
  3. Add multiple portfolios
  4. Get overview of all investments on one screen

Add your investments

How to add and track your investments in Snowball Analytics

Immediately after your registration we will automatically create your first portfolio. You will be able to change it’s name and settings later on the Portfolio Management page.

To quickly start exploring the options of the service, you can click "Try a demo portfolio", but we recommend using your own transactions. You can also use this option if you don't have a brokerage account yet.

Connect your brokerage account

The easiest way to keep your portfolios up to date is connecting to your brokerage via Yodlee. Your holdings and transactions will import and sync automatically every night.

Connecting your brokerage via Yodlee

More information about automatic brokerage connections can be found here.

Import broker's report

Brokerage didn't connect? No worries. You can check if you can import broker's activity report - all trade and dividend history will be imported from the report automatically.

Import a broker's report

Currently supported list of supported brokers can be found below. We constantly add new brokers to this list, so you might want to check directly in the service.

List of supported brokers
  1. Select your broker
  2. Click on "How to get a broker's report" and read the instruction
  3. Download the report from your broker
  4. Import the report
  5. Please note, that you need to upload statements from your first transaction date. Some brokers limit maximum period of the report to 1 year. If you invested for more than 1 year, download all reports (one for each year) and upload all reports from older to newer.

After the report is imported, a message with the information about the successful import  (or about possible issues) will be displayed.

The most common mistake when importing brokers’ reports is that the report was uploaded for the last day/month, and not from the first transaction. Please make sure you have uploaded the reports from the very first transaction.

Later, when you'll start making new trades or receive dividends you can just get new statements from the date of your last import and upload them here. You can access this page via Quick Actions menu on the top panel.

Add holdings manually

You can also add all your holdings/trades manually. This method is suitable for those who don't have a lot of trades and holdings.

Manually add transaction

In our service you can add your investments either trade by trade, or by simply adding current amount and average cost of your holdings. The difference between these two approaches explained here.

Later, when you'll start making new trades or receive dividends you can add them on the Portfolio -> Transactions page. You can quickly access this page via Quick Actions menu on the top panel.

Get valuable insights into your performance

Once you've added your investments to the service it will automatically calculate your performance, passive income and other metrics.

Start your journey from Dashboard and Analytics pages.

Useful tip: Almost all elements of the service contain a question mark nearby. As you move the cursor or click on it, a hint with the item’s description comes up. It might contain answers to frequent questions about interface elements or calculations.
Example of the tooltip

You'll notice you can filter and group Analytics page by different parameters. This can be useful if you want to compare different asset classes/sectors/categories or view analytics separately for each one of these groups.

Filter Analytics
Group Analytics

Add multiple portfolios

When you need to add a second brokerage account click on your current portfolio name on the top panel, then on "Add portfolio" button.

Adding new portfolio

Then you can edit/delete/reorder your portfolios on the Manage portfolios page.

Reorder list of portfolios

Get overview of all investments

To get a quick overview of your portfolios go to Dashboard -> All Portfolios screen.

Get overview of all portfolios

You can get consolidated analytics for multiple portfolios with a Composite portfolio. When you add a second portfolio to your account we automatically create a composite portfolio for you called "My Net Worth".

It "contains" all data from your portfolios and you can use it to view statistics and analytics for multiple portfolios at once.

Composite portfolio

What's next?

Learn how to use Snowball Analytics on mobile device:

How to: add Snowball Analytics app to your home screen on iOS/Android
You can place the website icon on your device’s home screen, which can then be used like any other app. iOS 1. Open the Safari browser 2. Go to 3. At the bottom of the screen, click on the “Share” button 4. In the menu select

Setup your categories and target allocations:

Introduction to categories
This is an introductory article, if you would like to find out how to edit categories, you can read this article. What are categories for? Categories are an universal tool that helps you to: * Have a balanced portfolio * Make monthly purchases * Manage multiple strategies in one portfolio *…

Take a look at the overview of the features of our service:

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