Holdings Portfolio

Data entry in Holdings portfolio

A Holdings portfolio can easily track the companies in your portfolio with a corresponding number of shares for each. This type is much easier and faster because you only enter current positions. What's available with this type of portfolio:

  • Current balance in >25 different currencies
  • Unrealized P&L
  • Dividend stats - future income, yield, yield on cost, dividend growth, dividend rating
  • Your target and future value projections
  • Diversification by sectors, asset classes, currencies, countries, regions
  • Benchmarking (compare results with S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, ...)
  • Metrics - average PE, beta, Sharpe, Sortino
  • Rebalancing and custom analytics - setup target allocations and get purchase/sell recommendations
  • Combined stats for multiple portfolios via Composite portfolio
  • Company fundamentals
  • Portfolio sharing
  • Community

Transactions portfolio

Transactions portfolio is the best and most powerful way to track and analyze your portfolio performance. It includes detailed buy/sell transactions in your account, as well as history of received dividends and broker's fees.

With transactions portfolio you will get: